Friday, May 3, 2013

Flood Control and Prevention

Chicago and suburbs have recently encountered some devastating repercussions to the rains we have been experiencing over the past couple months. These rains have caused massive flooding and seepage in the basement of many homeowners resulting in thousands of dollars worth of property damage including home furnishings and restorations costs. Many people come to the conclusion that they need a sump pump or an ejector pump to stop the flooding. This however is not the case. The reason the basement floods during these rains is because the city’s main sewer line becomes overwhelmed with the excess rainwater and cannot drain fast enough. This forces the excess water to be pushed back into the private sewer line drain of the home and comes up the floor drains, toilets, and any other outlet that drains into the sewer.
Four Seasons Sewer & Plumbing has flood control installation options that will prevent this backflow of water permanently with the installation of a cast iron backwater valve on the sewer, which completely stops the backflow of water right in its tracks. The one-way valve is installed on the sewer in the basement and stays closed at all times. The valve will only open in the direction of the flow of the drainage leaving the home. This system starts at $1,800.00 and is a small cost to protecting your basement from flooding and damage to your valuable property. You may contact a specialist at 773-299-0634 to discuss which option is right for your home. You may also visit our Facebook page (Four Seasons Sewer & Plumbing) to view diagrams and pictures of other flood control systems installed by Four Seasons.


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