Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Prepare for flooding


This January's record arctic weather created minor disasters for many residences in the Chicagoland area. If certain precautions weren't followed as described in the previous newsletter, many homes were subject to freezing and burst pipes. This created thousands of dollars worth of damage to homes and businesses everywhere in the Midwest region. However, this cold weather is starting to take a turn and create a new potential hazard for homeowners. Flooding and sewer backups. We have been getting a little melt off  with the snow. Today we are expecting significant showers with warmer weather. This will cause an expedited melting of the snow in addition to the rain which may overwhelm the city sewers. In the event that the city's main sewers take on more water than they can handle, all of the excess water will be pushed back into the private drains going into residential homes and coming up the floor drains causing basements to flood if flood control systems aren't in place.
Flood control systems are a combination of a pump and back water valve (check valve) installed in a basin to prevent the back flow of water from the city's main sewer. Without this, you run the risk of having your basement flood. Contact us to find out more information at 
773-299-0634 or Email us at
 If you need help checking to see if your flood prevention systems are working properly, you may mention this Email and get a full service same day inspection to make sure your systems are running properly. If you have any additional questions or concerns, or would like to inquire about more of our services, just call
773-299-0634 and we would be glad to help!
 Clear Your Storm Drains - Help local drainage by clearing storm grates of snow and debris.

Check Your Sump Pump - Ensure your sump pump is working properly by pouring water into the pit. Test backup sump pump batteries. Verify that the sump pump discharge pipe outside of your home is not frozen, clogged, or blocked in any way.  If you have a backup sump pump, make sure it is readily available if it becomes necessary to do a quick replacement due to failure.

* Inspect the Interior and Exterior of Your Home - Check to make sure your gutters and downspout extension pipes are free of snow, ice, and any other objects. Remove any snow, ice, and debris. Move snow on the ground away from your home and provide a clear drainage path.

Protect Personal Belongings - Due to the high winds, bring items inside from outdoors, or tie them down (such as patio furniture). Also, protect items in the basement or crawlspace from water damage by elevating them off the floor or moving them upstairs.

Monday, January 6, 2014

Protect your home from freezing pipes
Hopefully your new year has started off great and you're sticking to your new year's resolutions. We have started off in an icy cold tundra and I wanted to emphasize how important it is that you are protecting your plumbing from the relentless cold and devastating effect it could have on your pipes. When the weather remains freezing, especially in this below zero cold we are experiencing, your water and drain pipes run the risk of freezing and ultimately breaking. Here are some things you can do to minimize the risk of your pipes freezing and breaking.
  • Make sure you maintain continual heat near any exposed piping, especially those uninsulated in the wall near the exterior of the house. You can use a space heater in most cases. 
  • It is also a good idea to wrap the exposed pipes in foam insulation or electrical heat tape which can be purchased from your local hardware store. If your pipes do freeze, do not apply direct heat to the pipe. This may cause the pipes to burst.
  • If you plan on being away from your property during this cold period, you may want to leave your valves slightly opened. This will keep some flow in the water which may help prevent the line from freezing. 
  • This is also a time where trying to conserve heat energy may not be in your best interest. If you typically close vents or do not provide heat to a basement or top floor unit that is not in use, you may want to consider keeping heat flowing consistently through the whole house. 
These tips may save you from thousands of dollars worth of damage to your property which can be caused from your pipes breaking and creating water damage.
William V. Taylor III

Friday, May 3, 2013

Flood Control and Prevention

Chicago and suburbs have recently encountered some devastating repercussions to the rains we have been experiencing over the past couple months. These rains have caused massive flooding and seepage in the basement of many homeowners resulting in thousands of dollars worth of property damage including home furnishings and restorations costs. Many people come to the conclusion that they need a sump pump or an ejector pump to stop the flooding. This however is not the case. The reason the basement floods during these rains is because the city’s main sewer line becomes overwhelmed with the excess rainwater and cannot drain fast enough. This forces the excess water to be pushed back into the private sewer line drain of the home and comes up the floor drains, toilets, and any other outlet that drains into the sewer.
Four Seasons Sewer & Plumbing has flood control installation options that will prevent this backflow of water permanently with the installation of a cast iron backwater valve on the sewer, which completely stops the backflow of water right in its tracks. The one-way valve is installed on the sewer in the basement and stays closed at all times. The valve will only open in the direction of the flow of the drainage leaving the home. This system starts at $1,800.00 and is a small cost to protecting your basement from flooding and damage to your valuable property. You may contact a specialist at 773-299-0634 to discuss which option is right for your home. You may also visit our Facebook page (Four Seasons Sewer & Plumbing) to view diagrams and pictures of other flood control systems installed by Four Seasons.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Chicago Sewer Repair Experts

Do you own a Home, Business, Condo, and or Townhome in the Chicago area?

If so, you may benefit from Plumbing4Seasons the Chicago sewer and plumbing repair experts. Sewer and plumbing is vital to the integrity of your property.  Sewer and plumbing maintenance is important for good health.  If your waste pipe is leaking or you need help with your sewer or plumbing, give us a call at:  (773) 299-0634

We provide same day service and emergency services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our Chicago sewer repair experts will help you with sewer maintenance, drain cleaning, and anything else with your pipes. Our sewer repair experts will do a diagnostic check when they are called out to your location. This check up will tell us what is wrong with your sewer system. We will then provide you with an estimate, and then you can let us know when you want us to begin the sewer repair work.

Our sewer repair services include:

  • Drain line cleaning
  • Sewer replacement
  • Sewer alarm installations
  • Sewer pipe repair
  • Trenchless pipe lining
  • Trenchless sewer repair
  • Sewer camera inspections

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